11 juli 2017


Standard Package Features

cPanel/Web Host Manager 11 Series
cPanel allows website administrators to manage all aspects of each hosted domain name. With each new account, we provide a preset limit of diskspace and bandwidth, but allow unlimited cPanel features, this includes for example MySQL databases, POP3/SMTP accounts, sub domains, redirects and forwarders etc.

PHP 4.4.8 & PHP 5.2.6
We understand that providing the latest development software is important, and with PHP, we provide two separate versions, so our customers can be guaranteed that their software will work regardless of PHP requirements. We currently provide PHP 4.4.8, and PHP 5.2.6, PHP 5 being the default PHP parser.

Ruby On Rails
Developers have their own favourites, and if you’re like our clients, you want to keep up with the latest technologies. As standard we provide Ruby On Rails with each new shared hosting account, with the ability to fully manage the Ruby Server from within cPanel, this technology is at your fingertips.

CDP Backup Network
Our entire network is protected by CDP from R1soft, a bare metal backup solution which allows us to backup a servers hard drive from sector level, including partitions, operating systems, quotas, and data on an incremental basis. On average a backup is taken every 4 hours, allowing for instant recovery.

24/7/365 Support & Network Monitoring
Most web hosting companies communicate 24/7/365 support, but how difficult is it to contact each provider? We provide true 24/7/365 support for technical, accounts and sales queries by telephone, helpdesk, and live chat services. Combined with our own NOC we provide true support, every hour of the day.

Dell Servers
Our shared hosting platform is based on Intel Xeon processors, at this time our network consists of Dell 1425SC Intel Xeon servers, and currently being replaced with Dual Quad Core servers with 10GB of RAM. Forget overselling, with Aventure Host your hosted on the best hardware, network and with 24/7 support.

OpenDNS Integration
OpenDNS is the world’s most largest and intelligent DNS service, with a global network it processes, and filters nearly 5 Billion DNS queries each day. Our shared network is integrated with OpenDNS to provide faster, more secure and ultimately more reliable DNS servers compared to in-house DNS servers.